Thursday, January 1, 2009

More Randomness and Rambling

3 WEEKS OLD! Happy 3 week Birthday Soli!

Tom was watching History channel the other night and a show about Job was on. Since then I have been thinking about everything that has gone on in the last month. The show made me wonder if everything that has happened is a test. You know, Like a test of my Faith. And I also began to think about Hannah and how she wanted a child so bad she was willing to compromise with God and promise to give the child she so badly wanted to him if he would just allow her to have a child. I have realized in the past month just how lucky I am to have kids who don't listen to me or who make my house a mess and drive me crazy. I also never realized something the size of my hand and the weight of my soda could have such an impact on me. I had never really had the fear of losing one of my children forever before. I have never been so happy yet so scared at the same time.
This Christmas for me at least, the emphasis was taken off presents and sales and put on a life and love. Christmas has forever been changed for me. I know I will never be the same again. I have found a new trust in God and believe that he does put people in our lives for different reasons. We never know when we meet someone that one day they may become our saving grace or that their willingness to care or get involved may save help us in a way you'd never imagined it could. Soli has brought alot of people into my life and thru them I know I am not alone and that God placed all of them here now. And maybe, just maybe it was one of their prayers that saved my child. I will never know but I do trust that God has placed each and every one of them in my life thru Soli.

Soli's name fits her more than I ever could have imagined. It literally means Angel of the Sun. She truly is my Angel.

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