Sunday, November 30, 2008

Please pray for Soli

Hi everyone. I am currently in the hospital at 2 cm and 50% effaced and praying that Soli aka:10 stays in. I need some prayers that she stays in and if she does decide to come that they are able to get her to the NICU and stablize her. I have never been this scared for one of my babies before. I have never been this dialated this early before.
My FFN came back positive and they have given me my first betamethazone shot (steriods to mature her lungs). I am so scared for her she is way too early and all I can think of is that we are going to lose her.
I know that ultimately we are not the ones in charge, God is but if you have been following along my blog you will know that I have been having trouble lately trusting him. Perhapse this is a test of my Faith. I am trying so hard to put my faith in him and his his Grace and Mercy.
I am at Sutter and I know this is the best hospital I can be at if Soli does decide to come. She will be 24 weeks tomorrow and that is considered "viable". Now I have to Trust that this is in God's hands and that he has his hand on her keeping her safe..

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Here she is 21 weeks and 3 days old...

We are going to see our Angel again..

I have a 3-d Ultrasound scheduled for tonight. I am soo excited to see what her beautiful little face looks like. This will also be the first time that her daddy will "see" her other than the u/s picture. He is usually watching the little munchkins at the park when I have my other ones. My Aunt (whom Solange's middle name comes from) is coming over to watch the others while we go.

The chore of the day chart is working quite well I must say and while not clean yet, my house is getting there. You should have seen their faces light up when they got their allowance for the week. I never knew $1 could make a 4 year old's face light up so much.

The wonderful ladies at my MOMS group are giving me a baby shower Sat and I am sooo excited. Then sunday is Terra's shower. Tom is leaving on Sat for Camp Roberts and I am not sure when he will be back. They want him there till the 1st or so. Happy Thanksgiving to me huh? Oh well. Well hopefully tomorrow I will have a cute little face to post on here of our new angel... Till then...

Friday, November 7, 2008


The greatest word ever!! Her heart is Perfect!! I FINALLY feel like maybe things are starting to look up. Or trying to get better. I do know that this "scare" about her heart has made me start to connect with her. I think it has made Tom start to connect with her a little too. For that I am grateful. Everything about her was perfect today and she weighs in at a whopping 13oz! I have been put on a Semi-Bedrest and have to go back in in 3 weeks for another exam..

I have started a Chore of the day chart where one of the big kids gets paired with a little one and they complete a chore. They are to teach them to do it right without yelling and tattling. It has been working great so far and taking some of the pressure off me. I am starting to let go of some of the things I think are holding me down. I have started organizing things and I have done 10's room and I am starting to feel better. I am working on getting the garbage out and the extra clutter and I think that will help alot.

Well tomorrow is another day I my goal is to go to the dump... Sounds like fun huh?! Well with Tom working for the next 2 weekends for sure I have time to get things organized...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Don't put on socks in the dark...

Yep that is the lesson I learned today. Don't put your socks on in the dark unless they are already matched up because no matter how they "match" in the dawn's early light, it is never the same when you hit the light of day. I noticed my socks were different shades of white today while I was at the Dr's office but figured they were under my pants so who would see them but me.. WRONG. Dr decided I needed a full exam (YIPPEE!!) and of course stupid me kept my socks on and it did not dawn on me that I was still wearing said unmatched socks till my feet were up in the Dr's face. Oh yea so here I am with a 4 and 3 year old running around in circles, Corbin (who I might add has found his voice and loves to hear it) squealing away in the stroller obviously not content with the wait at the office and My stupid unmatched socks! Great first impression huh. OK note to self: In the future pick out your socks in the evening when the lights are on!

Wish me luck

Well Lovely Tricare has decided I need a new dr so the hunt has been on for an in-network provider. Is it just me of is tricare's service getting more and more like welfare. I walked into an office last week and I honestly think they had to struggle to speak English to me. Also if I cannot pronounce my Dr's name they may be a great Dr but they will not be MY Dr. I like to hold conversations with my Dr and if I cannot understand them then they do me no good. So today I have another appt with a new doctor. I really hope I like her because this is really wearing me out. I am tired of being treated like a welfare patient. I have insurance and I do not like being disrespected or made to fell like I have no clue what I am talking about.

My "big" ultrasound is Friday and that is when we will know more about 10's heart since they are also doing an echo. Well I have to take a shower and get everyone dressed...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We are doomed

OK POLITICAL OPINION GOING ON HERE. So if you are an Obama supporter you may want to stop here.
I voted for the very first and Now the Very last time in my life. The electoral college is a joke. Elections should be won on popular vote so that EVERY SINGLE VOTE counts. We are all screwed now so in 4 years when we have been screwed so hard that we are barely the USA anymore then I want to be able to come back and say I told you so. I hope to God that I am proven wrong but I highly doubt it. But I will say now that I will NEVER vote in an election again.
I asked a friend how she felt and she said:
we know that god is soverign and he has a plan
ME:to doom us?, I mean he has wiped out everyone before
Her: Everyone except noah
Me: who gets to be noah?
I wanna be Noah so should I start building now??

I think when Obama takes over we will stop working I mean he is going to take more $ from those that make more to give to those who don't make as much and I wants that money. Besides I don't want to work hard to earn more to have it taken. So I will work less and still get some. That is his plan right?!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

A rather "easy" day

Well today was a rather easy day. I was down 3 kids. Tom had to work so the rest of the kids and I went to the thrift store and we found some clothes for 10 and a crib for her for $14 awesome! Then we went to the Commissary. Cheryl carried Corbin in the Beco and pushed a cart and I pushed Caden in the stroller/cart. $500 in groceries later we headed home. Got some outback steakhouse for dinner and now we are relaxing. I have been gone from the house for nearly 10 hours! I am so glad we get to set our clocks back and get an extra hour of sleep now does anyone know how to convince the kids that THEY need the extra hour to sleep too??