Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cloth Diapers the "NEW" Internet scam??

Well I am on a site called Diaperswappers. It is an online Buy/Sell/Trading community for Cloth Diapers. We have recently had a lady, Pamperedshell come on and scam MANY, Many moms out of their hard earned cash to the tune of over $1600. Her name is Michelle Hidalgo and her husband is Martin. We are currently trying to recoop some of the momma's money but she is being anything but cooperative and telling lie after lie.
Help us catch this scammer. She lives in Anthem AZ her last known address was On W. Summet Walk Way in Anthem. She has 2 older sons, Mason and Micah (3 or so years old) a daughter Malia and had another boy via planned C-section at Shea on 9/16 and was released the morning of 9/18.
She has gone by several Emails:

Here is one bloggers Link;
For somemore info check out these reports also;


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Anonymous said...

She's back at it....posting on Craigslist...thanks to your listing I wasn't duped. She's now hosting sales out of her home.

Here email: I do have all those items you listed and much more

This week my availability goes as follows- Monday-Friday 1:30-3:30 4pm-7pm (if you need anything earlier in the day let me know so I can see what days I can adjust my scheudel). Im also adding additional hours for appoinments this Sunday 8am-11am. My address is 33600 N 27th Dr #1043 Phoenix Az 85085 and my contact number is 623.238.2030. Feel free to call if you need directions or get lost. I have tons of inventory and a great selection & variety of brands- everything is discounted 30%-70% and I don't charge a sales tax (which can save tons!).

Many Blessings & Best Wishes,

Michelle Hidalgo of Mother's Milk Boutique


Perhaps you would like to go to her open house at 33600 N 27th Dr #1043 Phoenix Az 85085
And get some of your money back.

Anonymous said...

she's at it again this is her current address 3733 W Turtle Hill Dr

Anonymous said...

She is at it again. She posting adds on craigslist.
i found her on facebook if you want to get your money back
I believe her name is michelle yonan hidalgo
you should calle 3 on your side it's a news channel here in phoenix that help you get your money back when they scam you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the warning. this is what she send me
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Blessings & Best Wishes,
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Anonymous said...

Michelle Hidalgo
34807 N. 32nd Dr. #2050
Phoenix, AZ 85086

Anonymous said...

Mother is Millie Yonan lives on off of 51st Ave on Babbling Brook Dr. in Phoenix, AZ 85083. Public records can locate her and her Father..he lives in Anthem Arizona at a house
listed under Michelle's brother's name. The father tries to sell insurance. The whole family is shady.