Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Angel's Angel, a granddaughter and 4 POUNDS!!!

I was walking in Target and found this on the new release shelves! LOL! I had to take a pic because I though it was funny!

I wanted to introduce you to who I believe to be Soli's Angel.

Margie is Soli's primary nurse and second mom. She is God sent. I know she was placed in our lives and honestly I do not know how I would have survived this long if she hadn't been. She talks to Soli as though she is going to talk back and Soli responds to her amazingly! She is not just some nurse taking care of Soli, she is a Nurse who Lovingly cares for and in my absence mothers her. She responds to 2 people when they call her name. Me and Margie. I do not know how to thank her enough for the care that she gives my daughter. She truly cares about her and it shows everytime she is near her. I am not sure if she follows this blog but I do want to say how amazing she is and to thank her with all my heart. I know Soli feel the love and warmth that radiates from Margie and she has gotten this far because of Margie. She is Soli's Angel!

This week also brought us a new Grandbaby!! Lily Lorene was born 2/9/09 at 3 pm 6 lbs even and 19" long. Yes she out weighs her older aunt!! Tom was able to be there when she was born and though not able to attend I did hear her be born. Almost as good. This Sunday she will be coming to visit Memaw and Papa house for the first time! I cannot wait! Here she is:

Here is the proud new Papa Silva!

Oh and on another side note Miss Soli hit 4 pounds yesterday! She is now 9 weeks old!


Amy said...

Gracie had one nurse that we absolutely adored as who was always by her side when we weren't able to be there. It is a good feeling to know there is always someone to watch out for them. I remember she always told us "the best babysitter is a NICU nurse"...and boy was she ever right! When we were back in the NICU with Carter she was there for us again and she remembered us as if it were only yesterday and not 2.5 years between our visits. She was an amazing woman, and I'm so glad that you have found someone like that for Soli.

congrats on the beautiful grandbaby and 4lbs! Way to grow Soli!

heather said...

congrats on miss lily again! she's beautiful! im sure you can't wait to see her!

Anonymous said...

lovely puffy little c--t, baby c--t is the best