Saturday, February 28, 2009

Time goes by

What a difference 11 weeks make! It is hard to believe that in the past 11 weeks we have gone from this:

To this:

It has been the hardest 11 weeks of my life! I can honsetlysay that without all of your support I think I would have gone insane. I know I have not been very active on my due date club boards and I know I have not been a very good Due Date Buddy, Sorry Sandra. Honestly it is hard for me to go on the board. It is hard to read about everyone's pregnancy and the births of the babies and them coming home. I am jealous of the belly pictures and everyone being tired of being pregnant. So I have to appologize to my ladies on BZ for not being a very good "friend".

The good news is I can see a light at the end of the tunnel now. Soli's nurse has said she thinks Soli will be home in 10 days!

10 days! After all this time I have 10 days to get ready for her to come home. I guess I am now going into my "Nesting" phase. I feel the need to clean everything! Speaking of cleaning I need to get to it. I Only have 9 more days!!


ABC+1Mom said...

Whooo hoooo 9 more days! wow that seems like such a short time after all these weeks! Way to go Dani you're almost there!!! :)
Love the comparison pics ;)
Hugs to you all, and you're right... she looks ALOT like Corbin!

heather said...

im so glad she will be coming home soon dani! don't worry to much about our is completely understandable that it is hard! hugs mama!

Amy said...

I remember how excited I got when they told me that we would be bringing our kids home from the NICU. She'll be home before you know it! (((hugs)))