Saturday, May 17, 2008

An example of my typical day..

Posted Sep 19, 2007 at 7:24 PM

My day started early. At 3 am I was awaken by Riley's feet in my back. then after finally falling asleep I was rudly awaken at 5 by Riley (who was apparently trying to turn over) bashing me in the head with her head. OK 3rd times a charm right? Wrong! 6:30 (10 min BEFORE the alarm was supposed to go off) I get the tickles in my bladder from Lovely Silva #9. I must get up and pee as this seems to be his new sport and only peeing makes him stop.
OK so now I am up. Walk in to get Bri up and before I get to the door the stench of pee nearly knocks me over! Apparently Bri's diaper was full, Nothing like changing a 12 year old's butt!! Ok tell her to get up and go potty and she yells at me. Oh I am sooooo not in the mood. I give her the sideways glare and she rethinks her refusal and stomps off to the bathroom. Bring her clothes in and tell her to get dressed. Again she expresses her desires to do anything but what I want her to do so again the look is given and clothes are begrudgingly put on.
Now for shoes. Must be a miracle no fight on that one. Bus is here so send her out. Ok whew one down! Ok Kassi and buddy are in their diapers yelling at bow bow bow (Blue's clues for those who are not fluent in Cadeneese)
OK I have to vaccume and make sure stuff is picked up before the lady from the contractor's board shows up for our meeting. Kick Cheryl, Mac and Ally out the front door OK that goes well lady comes have our meeting somewhere in the middle of the meeting Riley stumbles into the livingroom they are all 3 now yelling at Diego.
Meeting is over lady says bye. I look at the clock it is only 8:30 am! Tell sy to get dressed, feed Riley, Change Buddy. Tell them to watch tv.
I go in the backyard to pick up trash move the patio table and other furnature so we can put in the new french doors, Clean up the endless piles of dog crap and dog har and the array of "lost" pullups (yes these seem to disappear magically from my kids butts as soon as they walk out the back door as do their clothes, I swear the backyard is worse than the sock eating dryer) I come back in and it is 10 am WOO HOO nap time!
Herd Caden and Kassi in to their rooms and threaten their lives to go to sleep and close the door. I walk into my room to clean up and make ry (who is pissed at me for not allowing her to play wii) lay on the bed next to me. 11:30 I hear way too much commotion in the babies bedroom. I open the door to reveal. Kassi and Caden sitting neck deep in every piece of clothing from Caden's dresser! I closed the door once again and went back to cleaning. At 12 let the brats out and make lunch. MMMMM spagetti Os cars shapes! Eat lunch and wait for big kids to come home.. Well now I am tired from reliving that. I am gonna rest.

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