Saturday, May 17, 2008

Why it is I am always late!!

Posted Mar 23, 2007 at 12:17 AM

Ok so tomorrow I will head our my front door and Sometime mid August I should finally catch up to you all at the park! LOL Who am I kidding I would make it to the end of my driveway and be so Beat that I would drag myself back up the driveway and fall asleep on the couch!

Ok but you have to picture getting 2 kids to the bus, Dressing 3 under 3 as well as myself, Getting socks and shoes, 1/2 hour adventure in itself (but if you want the shoes to match add 15 mins, FOR EACH KID!!).
Getting the Blankets each kid INSISTS on Carrying. Opening the garage door and wading through the barn full of crap to unearth the stroller then find the extra seat. Put Kassi in and find Bubba, strap him in and go look for Kassi (who bolted as soon as I went to get Bubba), Strap her in, Find Riley who has found the snacks, Get out the garage door close it. Go back into the house for the keys I left, come back out, go back into the house to get the juice cups we left on the counter, go back out get half way down the driveway, realize that I set the phone down when I picked up the keys, Go back in, pick up the phone, Go out, Riley cries she has to go pee, so unlock the door to let her in, wait outside with the babies then remember I have to mail a letter, Run back into the house to the kitchen and dig through the box and pull out a stamp, Run back outside. Grab the stroller, Yell for riley to come one (she is nowhere to be found) look around the Yard for Riley and then hear the front door slam and riley comes out (asking why I locked her in the house) and then FINALLY get to the end of the driveway...... Can anyone see now why I would be exhausted by the time I hit the end of the driveway??!!

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