Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Karma or God's Wisdom

This Sat I will walk in a walk I had participated in for years when I was little. Back then it was The March of Dimes Walk America. Little did I know 20+ years ago when I was walking with my dad that one day I would participate in the same walk years later in my daughter's name. How could I have known that money I helped raise back when I was 7, 8, 9, 10 or so would come around to help save one of my own children? I could never have imagined the life that was in store for me, I just knew, even at 7 years old, that those tiny babies needed my help. So I walked, I bugged my neighbors for pledges and walked the long walk. Granted I usually only made it to the first maybe 2nd Checkpoint but I was proud.
Now years later my child has benefited from my walking as have MANY other babies. I never participated thinking this may benefit ME someday just that I knew my walking would help save a baby somewhere.
Karma? Maybe. God's wisdom? I think so. These unknown babies were so important to me back then. God knew why because he had in store for me to one day be the mommy to one of these littlest Angels. He was preparing me I believe, for my future role. None my friends walked I was alone with my dad and a sea of strangers and I could not have been happier. Now on Saturday I will once again Join the sea of strangers in Sacramento to walk the walk. Only this year I will not be alone. I will walk proudly as the mommy to my own miracle. I will walk with my head held high, proud as ever carrying my miracle with the knowledge that my walking is helping to save someone else's Angel. And as I walk I will hold tightly and thank God that my prayers have been answered and Soli is with us. I will also hold her a bit tighter as I see all the teams honoring the Angels who were not as fortunate as Soli and left this world all too soon. But as long as there are babies like Soli I will be out there walking. One day we will be able to prevent Premature birth and all babies will be born healthy.

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Amy said...

We did our walk this past weekend and it was wonderful. I love seeing all the t-shirts with pics of the surviving babies when they were in the NICU and the things that people do in memory of their lost little ones. It's always a bittersweet day ~ love to see all the babies who made it but at the same time it is so sad to learn about the ones that didn't. (((hugs))) from one March of Dimes mom to another!

P.S. to answer your question on my blog, I am about to try making my first pair of shorties on Sunday when I'm done work for the week. I gotta try a skirty soon too. DD is potty-learned, so no need for skirties here except for the total cuteness! :) Why are you looking for some woolies?