Friday, April 10, 2009

New Laptop!!

ok so I think I am going to like this new laptop. Yes I splurged and got myself a new HP Touch Smart laptop. It allows me to actually write and then types what I write. This has got to be the coolest thing! - Well everyone here is doing great. Mac's appointment in SFO went great. She does not have to go back-till April 2011! Woo Hoo. Soli is nearly 7 pounds now. We go back to the lung Dr on Monday. Soli Saw the Heart Dr on Thursday and she is boarding high BP but she does not have to go back for 4 months. Things are a bit stressful lately. I find myself wondering no, wanting to simplify my life lately. I have been going thru stuff in the house and purging things I do not need. I have too much stuff but I am the kind of person who can't get rid of things I might be able to use later. I am slowly getting over that though.

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