Sunday, May 3, 2009

Not Me Monday

Time once again for Not Me Monday (well it IS monday on the East Coast). Created by MckMama . Tell me what you did not do this week.
1. I did not take all 9 kids out to the mall ALONE on Saturday. Not me!
2. I did not come home from church on Sunday and take Soli into my room and fall asleep on the bed thus leaving the others to fend for themselves. Not Me!
3. I did not go all Twilight and cut my hair like Alice Cullen. Not Me! (OK I gave this one away already!)
4. I did not tell my husband that *IF* we ever had another kid I would name it Remesme or Jasper. NOT ME!!
(Calm down mom I can see you picking up the phone to call me, NO we don't plan on anymore kids!)

Ok your turn!