Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We are doomed

OK POLITICAL OPINION GOING ON HERE. So if you are an Obama supporter you may want to stop here.
I voted for the very first and Now the Very last time in my life. The electoral college is a joke. Elections should be won on popular vote so that EVERY SINGLE VOTE counts. We are all screwed now so in 4 years when we have been screwed so hard that we are barely the USA anymore then I want to be able to come back and say I told you so. I hope to God that I am proven wrong but I highly doubt it. But I will say now that I will NEVER vote in an election again.
I asked a friend how she felt and she said:
we know that god is soverign and he has a plan
ME:to doom us?, I mean he has wiped out everyone before
Her: Everyone except noah
Me: who gets to be noah?
I wanna be Noah so should I start building now??

I think when Obama takes over we will stop working I mean he is going to take more $ from those that make more to give to those who don't make as much and I wants that money. Besides I don't want to work hard to earn more to have it taken. So I will work less and still get some. That is his plan right?!


gr8fulmom22 said...

I'm sad to hear that this is the first time you've ever voted and now you say it will be your last. I believe, despite outcomes we may or may not like, it is one of our rights as citizens to be able to cast that vote. Yes, it may not result in what one person or another desires, but we do have a voice. To give up on the process is to say that your voice doesn't count. Had the outcome been different, would you have the same opinion. With this new administration, we have to still believe that the US will prevail and we have to let time tell us. Who knows what the eventual outcome will be. This new president inherits a ton of baggage and it will take more than one person to turn it around. We have to have faith in that. I go into this new year tentative, but still hopeful. Unfortunately, the Republican party has suffered a bad rap for several years and the general population was fed up. I don't think it was the man (McCain) that was the wrong choice, I think Americans, as a whole, were fed up with the current economic and Iraq/Afganistan situation, that it didn't matter who the Republican party put up, they were going to vote differently! My advice? Stay positive, stay hopeful, VOTE because it is your right as an American to have that one voice. Each and every voice adds up to millions and even if the outcome is disappointing, we still have to have faith and believe that we will still remain strong as a nation. Keep the faith!

gr8fulmom22 said...

Came across this great article from this week's Newsweek. It gives great perspective on how and why we (the U.S.) are in the financial state that we are. It's not all political or aligned to a specific party's fault. Definitely worth reading and understanding how this all came about. Unfortunately, we are all to blame as a society...and the prospects for the future are not all that pretty regardless of administration. See below.