Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Don't put on socks in the dark...

Yep that is the lesson I learned today. Don't put your socks on in the dark unless they are already matched up because no matter how they "match" in the dawn's early light, it is never the same when you hit the light of day. I noticed my socks were different shades of white today while I was at the Dr's office but figured they were under my pants so who would see them but me.. WRONG. Dr decided I needed a full exam (YIPPEE!!) and of course stupid me kept my socks on and it did not dawn on me that I was still wearing said unmatched socks till my feet were up in the Dr's face. Oh yea so here I am with a 4 and 3 year old running around in circles, Corbin (who I might add has found his voice and loves to hear it) squealing away in the stroller obviously not content with the wait at the office and My stupid unmatched socks! Great first impression huh. OK note to self: In the future pick out your socks in the evening when the lights are on!

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