Friday, March 20, 2009

A $500 Ride on Toy!

It is nice to know that I did not frivolously spend $500 on a vacuum cleaner that was ONLY a mear Vacuum. I have discovered that it is actually a ride on toy!
How nice it was for the makers of DYSON to put a handle right where the rider needs it to hold on! Oh and the cylinder is perfect for wrapping yourself around for a nice smooth ride..Corbin LOVES when Mommy vacuums! He stands on it and when I stop he starts jumping up and down and squeals! At least He is out of my way and he certainly has no fear of the vacuum, (unlike Caden who runs for the hills when he sees it.)
Thank God that the makers made the Dyson self propelled because if cleaning was not hard enough, try pushing a vacuum with a 20 pound weight bouncing on it!
I wonder if this picture would void our warranty?
Oh well is it nice to know that $500 was not wasted on Just something to suck crap off the floor.


Matt and Gia said...

ha ha this totally made me laugh! =)

heather said...

haha! that is too funny!

chunxue said...

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