Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Waking up and Prayers for Stellan

As I sit here There is a little boy fighting for his life. There are literally THOUSANDS of people praying for this Mck Miracle. Stellan aka: Mck Muffin, Mck Miracle was never supposed to make it to his birth. But thousands were drawn to his mama's blog and began praying for him and when he was born they could find no evidence of the condition in the womb that nearly took his life. It was a Miracle it seemed.
Fast forward 4 months and he once again has the deadly heart problems that he had in utero. Each Tweet is greeted my praises or makes those following hit their knees again to ask for God's protection over this child
His mother's faith in God has me simply stunned. She has this Peace that she knows that whatever happens she will be ok and Stellan whatever the outcome, is serving the purpose that God placed him on this Earth for. I believe in God and I do think he can perform what we see as Miracles but was truly in his master plan long before we prayed. Like she says he KNEW we would all come together to pray for this little boy and God has his life and death, already set in stone.
It is so easy to Praise God when everything is going well but when things are not as we want them to be we very easily blame him. I am very guilty of this. I think we would be called Fair-weathered Christians. I truly aspire to have the faith in God that Mck Mama has.
I have seen first had his Miracles in fact I am holding one right this very minute. I long to know, to understand His purpose for my life. I think Soli is one way of waking me up, one way of opening my eyes and my heart to him to allow him to do his work in me. I will continue to pray for Stellan and drawing inspiration from his mother. You can follow Stellan to by clicking on one of the buttons to the right of my blog..


heather said...

prayers sent for stellan!

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