Monday, March 30, 2009

Ramblings and Photos

First off Please Continue to pray for Stellan and the MckMama family he is not doing very well and we are all waiting for an update from MckMama. I know far to well what it is like to be at the hospital with your child and have a hubby at home and other kids you miss too.

March of Dimes March for Babies

April is fast approaching and I want to thank those who have donated to Team Soli. (those who would still like to donate let me know). To date we have raised.....$15127.00! We need more walkers! It is free and it will be fun. If you are in/near Sacramento let me know and I will give you the link to sign up to walk.

Soli is doing Great. Weaning the O2 and hopeful that we will get some good news at the Resp dr tomorrow. Corbin is getting so big! He has learned a new word today. NO. I was making Bows and he kept reaching into my stuff and I kept telling him NO. He crawled away and when he came back he reached for my stuff again and before I could say anything he yelled NO to himself. LOL. He also knows who baby is. You ask him about the baby and he turns to Soli and points and says Hi. He is still a bit rough but he is learning. He is Very attached to me and Tom lately. He cries if I leave the room. I am sure teething is not helping, not to mention he just got over a double ear infection. But I am glad to report that this morning my happy, smiley baby boy was back. Yea. I missed him! He is babbling and pointing at everything today!

We have drs appointments at UCSF for Mac next Monday. I am kinda nervous. This is the first visit back in 3 years and everytime we go a surgery follows shortly. Hopefully things will be great this time and no surgery will be needed. Mac is just excited that we get to go to the family house..

Caden Continues to amaze me. He starts "special Education " preschool on April 14. This weekend he has taken to the computer. He is a Genious at the internet. He knows how to navigate the sites such as nick jr and knows how to play the games and when something came up on the screen today (a pop-up) he told me clear as day, "you have to click this close it." He was talking about the red x in the top rt of the box. He really is very smart even if he cannot function "normally".

Well here are some pics from the last week. Hope you like them..


sheree said...

that is such a sweet photo!

I am following baby Stellan's story right now and I will continue to send thoughts and prayers to him and his family.

I will also pray that your trip to UCSF is uneventful and will not result in the scheduling of a surgery.


Claire said...

Such cute photos!