Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Chaos and Cookies

If you know me you know I almost always live in a state of Chaos. I mean with 9 kids going 12 different directions (yes 12 and I am not sure how they accomplish that) it is a wonder anything gets done!
I will be the first to admit I am not perfect, My kids are not the perfectly well behaved little kids holding mommy's hand in the store not asking for a thing. Mine are usually the ones playing grab ass as my husband calls it, down the aisle. There is often a small child crying because someone touched them or they cannot have something. Many times more than one. My son is often looking like a lost tourist among the sea of racks and aisles.
Wherever we go we are noticed. Sometimes that is good (when the kids are half way behaving) and many times it is not.
There is no such thing as a quick run into the store. Each trip takes lots of time to prepare for.

My life seems at times, like when you are baking cookies. (My cookies come pre-made but let's just roll with this.) To bake cookies you have to get all the ingredients together, You have to measure out everything. You have to pre-heat the oven, mix, roll out, grease the pan, cut the cookies and then finally put them in to bake. You await the final buzz of the oven. In the meantime you smell the cookies baking and you imagine what it will be like when they are done. You look at your kitchen covered in dirty mixing bowls and cups and dusted with flour. It is a bit overwhelming when you are in the moment, but you know that in the end the cookies will be worth all the mess.

Right now my cookies (Kids) are in the oven (growing) and I am staring at my dirty kitchen (my daily chaos of a family of 11) But when the timer goes off, I know that the Cookies will be well worth the wait and the mess left behind.


Lauren said...

I like it!

Caty said...

Hi Dani,
Love the post.
What happened over @ the Drama club? I went to make an ice cap and came back and its gone.

I am still going to follow your blog if thats kewl with you

Dani said...

Caty, It is but we have moved to

Anonymous said...

Dani- I just came to post the same question about Mckdrama!

Catherine said...

HI Dani, I like your blog and I appreciated meeting you on one of the Forums. I added this to my reader so I can keep up.

You said you found the Mckdrama mod? I looked everywhere and couldn't figure out who it was.

I'm on the proboard, but I haven't commented.

MckDrama Returns said...

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