Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Davine intervention? Karma? Revenge?

This morning I decided that I would go tie up some loose ends with the bus stickers and take the kids to the flea market.
Well anyone who has been to a flea market can tell you parking is less than ideal. Since I had Soli and the other little ones I decided I would just pull to the side of the aisle and wait for one of the handicapped spaces to open up. After 10 mins I saw someone come from the flea market and when they got to the car on the right of me I put my blinker on to signal I was going to park there. As I was waiting for this person to back out, a lady in a white car pulled up between me and the car backing up.
Surely this lady knew I was waiting for the spot and was not going to try to steal it right?
As I realized her intentions were to snipe my spot I honked and she looked at me. I told her I was waiting to park there and she shrugged her shoulders and shook her head and mouthed that she was going to park there. I politely mouthed back that I was waiting and she again shrugged her shoulders and then pulled into the spot.
I sat there dumbfounded as I watched her jump out of the car throw her kids in the stroller and run into the flea market. OMG I was pissed!! As I sat there trying to pick my jaw up off the car floor and take a few deep breaths, another spot 2 spaces over opened up and I parked.
I got the kids out and decided I was going to look at her car. She had no handicap plates and was not displaying a placard.
The fine in our town for parking in a handicap space without proper placards or plates:
Still pissed at her I call the Police and told them there was someone parked illegally in a handicap space.
The officer quickly responded and I told him the story.
"Now" I told him, "had she pulled a disabled person out of the car I may have been more forgiving but she was just plain rude." The officer agreed with me. I left and took the kids into the market and when I came out this was her car and this is what happened:

Davine Intervention? Karma? Revenge? Whatever you want to call it, I can guarantee she was not prepared to spend over $400 to go to the flea market today. Wow she got some really expensive fruits! I hope they are good!


Casey said...

This story made me SO happy! People are such degenerates. I would have totally done the same thing. BUT, I would have waited for her to come out and informed her that she should think about who she decides to eff with. And then you should have left a poopy diaper on her nice white hood. (I'm going to be such a good example for my kid!) I think this makes me so happy because I experience this EVERY day on BART. I have to stand up the entire way (an hour) because these bitches sit in the handicap seats, texting on their blackberrys and don't get up, even when they see a 6+ month pregnant woman standing DIRECTLY in front of them. Call me spoiled, but standing in one place for an hour on a moving train is quite an ordeal when your plus one.

Sellers17 said...

I am SOOO proud of you! It always makes me crazy when I see someone parked in a handicaped space that has NO business being there!

I know your little one is having surgery soon, I'll keep her and you in my prayers.

Casey said...

PS, i love the Jesus loving Cross on her dash board!!

Dani said...

OH BTW I did sit and wait for her to come out and see the ticket and then I took a picture of her and drove away!!!!

Nicole said...

Found you through April Rose. Will be praying for your little one.

Oh, and I'm glad you put that woman in her place at the flea market!! I hope that was a ticket and not just a warning! She deserved it. People are so rude these days.

Jennifer said...

Dani! That is AWESOME! I'm so glad you got her ticketed. Aren't you gonna post the picture of her getting her ticket? Did she see you? LOL I bet your kids wondered what the heck was going on!

I was so mad once when I came out of Target. The person next to me parked too close and was cockeyed in the space. I couldn't open my door wide enough to get Liam's car seat in. I was pissed. I had to put him in the front seat and then back up my car in order to open my door wide enough to pop his seat in the base.

I left them a very nice note.

"See those lines beside your car? Your supposed to park between them. You parked so close I couldn't get my son's car seat back in the car! Learn to park straight!"

I could've been so mean. People are just stupid!

Lowcountry Mom said...

Bravo!!!! I would SO have done the same thing, and I'm proud of you for doing it. Karma sounds about right to me for this situation. :) :) :)

Dani said...

I did get a pic of her getting the ticket but I did already post her car and her licence and the other pic has her kid in it so I will not post that one because her kid is in it. It is not her daughter's fault her mom's inconsiderate.

Matt and Gia said...

That is too funny!!!!!!!!!!!!

ABCDE=Party of 5 for ME! said...

lol way to go Dani ;) Soli's surgery is tommorrow right? :)

sheree said...


that is AWESOME!

Shannon said...

This makes me laugh so hard! Especially since my friend JUST sent me this link: www.youparklikeanasshole.com.

You can print out a "ticket" to put on the offender's car AND post pictures of bad parking jobs on their web site. I don't think I would ever do that, but it provides comic relief for me. Just like this post!

You should send in the picture, haha!

PS I'm not sure how I got here exactly but I will pray for your daughter. (And my "cursing" on my first comment here :)

Teresa with lots of kids said...

I just told your story to my husband and he said you are his hero :)

Linley Family said...

OMG This is like the BEST story ever! I love that you posted pics :) People continually act like idiots- I'm glad she was caught, and I love that she had no plans of spending more than $400 at the flea market - priceless!!! ~Val

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