Wednesday, June 3, 2009

See you later peanut...

I've done it and unlike last time I am not crying.
Not because I am not nervous for her but because I know I am doing the right thing.
Hopefully she will not need the G-tube for a long amount of time, but right now it is the right choice.
Now we will be able to see her beautiful face without tape all over it.
Now she will look like a normal baby and the first impression strangers get will not be of a sick baby.
No longer will I be greeted by "Adorable baby what is wrong with her?"
She will no longer be defined by the yellow feeding tube that covered half her face.
Though not "Normal" (see this post about that word) she will at least for the most part APPEAR "Normal".

So now I sit here watching then little blue screen (BYW she is SI..A,S)that has now told me her surgery has begun and know that she is in God's hands and that he will take care of her.