Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A little peak at our angel and prayers for Xavier

I see God's Miracles everyday lately. I am going to ask you all to please pray for my old hospital roommate Selena. She just turned 17 and her water broke with her baby at the begining of september. She has been in the hospital on bedrest trying to make it as long as she can for her little boy. Xavier was born last night at 28 weeks. He was deprived of oxygen for a long time after he was born and they FINALLY got him breathing after working on him for over 3 HOURS! they tell her they do not know to what extend his brain will be damaged due to the lack of oxygen but Selena has strong faith and keeps telling everyone that he is going to be fine and he is going to do well. She is amazing. I do not know many adults who could go thru what she has let alone any teenager faced with an unplanned pregnancy. Please pray for them.


Niki said...

I love the video of little Soli. She is such a little fighter! I will pray that she continues to progress and grow. As for Xavier, My little Xavier and I will keep him in our prayers as well as his young mom. (She did pick a wonderful name!)

sheree said...

wow! She sure does seem strong danielle! What a precious girl!