Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Prayers needed now.

My heart stopped and 5 years fell off my life when I picked up the phone 10 minutes ago and saw the Words "Sutter Hospital" on the Caller ID. I hesitated a moment before answering. The nurse on the other line asked for me and told me Soli's Dr wanted to talk to me. I immediately began to panic. Dr L came on and told me it was time for Soli to get a transfusion. I am scared for her but relieved at the same time. She will feel much better afterwards and maybe this is what she needs to curb the bradys. Great Christmas present right?! Mixed blessing perhaps. He says her murmur sounds bigger but it might be her heart is working harder to pump the little bit of blood she has to her body. They redid the heart ultrasound last night and he is waiting for the report. She may need the PDA heart surgery. So as I type this she is getting the blood she needs thru a transfusion. Please say a prayer that this helps her and that her PDA is not bigger but smaller and she will not need heart surgery.


Heather said...

prayers for soli sent!

sheree said...

prayers being sent for sweet soli!


N. said...

My prayers and thoughts are with you! Much Love, Danielle & Jeremiah