Thursday, December 25, 2008

A not so good Christmas Morning

Nothing like waking up Christmas Morning to bad news. That is how my Christmas Morning started with a phone call from the NICU telling me that Soli was having trouble breathing and they had to re-intubate her. I was trying so hard to make Christmas Happy for the other kids and now I hate Christmas. This was not the Christmas Miracle I had in mind when I asked God for a Christmas Miracle. I just wanted some good news for Christmas. Despite the bad news about Soli I did manage to fake a smile and take pics of the other kids opening their presents. I have to keep reminding myself that it is Corbin's first Christmas too. I feel so bad for him. I know I am so concerned for how Soli is doing that I have to keep reminding myself that he needs me just as much..


Anonymous said...

So sorry Soli had to be intubated again. Many thoughts and prayers she grows nice and strong very soon. Hang in there!
~Sandra (DDB)

Michelle in Italy said...

I am so sorry that Soli is back on the machine. Please remember that Corbin won't remember this Christmas. Please don't feel guilt on his behalf. As always with love and good thoughts and love. M & V

sheree said...

Try not to feel bad are only human and feeling down is totally understandable. Don't keep everything bottled up...that never helped anyone!

I am sorry they had to intubate soli again. But, like I said, I know she is a fighter and she will pull through this!