Sunday, December 14, 2008

Look Ma!!! 3 Days Old!

Imagine my suprise today to find out Soli was being extubated. She was such a trooper and Mommy Patiently waited for the first little cry that was sure to accompany the process. The procedure we off without a hitch! And to Mommy's slight disappointment, without a cry. But after the CPAP was put on she let out a little cry just to please her Mommy! She is doing great and is still 1 lb 9 ozs. She is getting stronger everytime I see her. I even got to hold her for the first time today while the nurse changed her bed. I also got her give Soli her first kiss! Soli did not cry but Mommy Did!

Katie came to see me today and before she left at 11:30 pm she went in to check on Soli like she does every night. She came back to my room and said that she did not realize Soli had so much hair. Well as you can see by the picture she has to wear a hat with the CPAP. I was puzzled how Katie could see her hair and then Katie showed me a pic she took:

She is on Nasal Cannula. She is breathing on her own! She is 26 weeks Gestation today. I see God's Amazing Power, Love and Grace everytime I look at her. Thank you everyone for your prayers they are working as you can see!


ABC+1Mom said...

What an awesome update Dani! I couldnt see the pics (little red x's through them) but I'm amazed at God's grace!

Hugs and Prayers to you, Soli and the whole Silva family!!!

Dawn and Aaron Laird
& our ABCD's!

sheree said...

wow! That is so amazing! WTG Soli!

ColtsFan73 said...

Hi Dani, Jonny and I want you to know we are so happy our tiny niece is doing so much better. We are praying for you, Tom, and all the munchkins everday. We love you guys!