Friday, October 10, 2008

Day 10 of 31 for 21 - So Proud

I am so proud! I got the entire living room done and the gate put up. Corbin can now cruise the living room danger free. Cj and Mac Went off for the weekend and I took the other kids to the school Carnival at Riley's school. It was fun. After, we went shopping for the new baby at the thrift store. If Tom does deploy I know I will save alot of money since I hate having to take all the kids to the store with me. It is more hassle than it is worth. But I did get some nice things for the baby whom we still can't name....
I stumbled across my cousins blog tonight. She is still mad at me because I had the gall to tell her to grow up. I mean if someone who loves you cannot tell you something without you disowning them then what good is family really? Sometimes people are so wrapped up in something going on in their lives that they forget or do not see how they are affecting some of the people around them. I would rather someone I love tell me I am being a Bitch than a stranger. I mean then it was coming from someone who loved me so I would know that it was being said out of concern for me. Well I guess someday she will get over it.. Or then again, Maybe not... I grew up Every Summer with her and she has never even asked me how Corbin is, she has never even cared enough to even welcome him to the family..

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