Friday, October 24, 2008

Day 24 of 31 for 21 - Prayers Needed for #10

Had a dr appt today and have my big u/s on Nov 10. The Peri Dr is going to do an echo on little girl. The OB had read the report from the Peri's last u/s when The peri told me she wanted to do an echo, I did not think much about it. The OBGYN said she read her report but did not tell me what was in it.. I have noticed here at home that her heart rate drops and goes very slow at times but after a min or so it come back up. I did not tell the dr about this because I thought maybe it was just me and she was moving away from the doppler. Well today when the dr was listening baby was normal then did her drop and I could see the dr looking at the machine. I told her "it's not just me is it?" she said "what" I said "her heart rate drops and goes really slow" She said that yes it is very slow. I told her to wait a min or so and it would come back up. So she did and the HR returned to normal.

The OBGYN says that she thinks baby girl may have a blockage in her heart. She said there is nothing that they can do till she is born except monitor her very closely and take her at any sign of distress. The good news is that she is the right size so the blood is circulating where it needs to go so she is ok in there. The problems most likely will be after she is born.

My hubby thinks maybe baby girl may also have down syndrome but I am not sure since our NT screen came back fine but we did not do the 16 week AFP screen..

Sorry it is so long but if you could say a little prayer for her and her heart I would really appriciate it.. I will know more after Nov 10th.

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