Thursday, October 2, 2008

Day 2 of 31 for 21 - A Bit of History

Day 2 A bit of History...
When I met Tom he was a single parent. I soon learned he has not 2 but 3 children. We talked about our connection through the fact that we each have a special needs child. When we became I family I knew what I was taking on, well I knew most of what I was taking on. Oh Hell I only knew a fraction of what my life would be like. When I took on Brianna and her Downs and Autism I was so positive I could do it. I never in a Million years imagine I would be taking on a Bi-Polar child and that I would soon be taking on my own Autistic child.

We have had so much go on in the 6 years we have been a family and as we come up on our 5th Anniversary I realize we have come so far and been through so much. I mean many families would have fallen apart by now. I mean we survived a Hell bent Psychotic Ex, a time where we thought we were going to Lose Riley, Mac's shunt placement and then her cranial, A 16 month deployment, the loss of 2 of our kids and the fight to get them back, 4 more children, 3 NICU stays, Moving, Ally being diagnosed with Bi-Polar, Bri's mental breakdown, ALOT of up and down with Meghan and now Caden being diagnosed Autistic. But the important part is WE MADE IT! We are still a family, a little warn down and longing for a normal day. Ha ha Normal. What does that actually mean? I laugh because Nothing here will ever fit a layman's definition of "Normal".

When my friends complain about there hubbies, I always realize how good I have it with my husband. I mean he does not bring me home flowers but he is always there for me and he does come home and allow me to leave kid free or virtually kid free for a few hours every once in awhile (long enough to chase the last strand of sanity that is preparing to run away.) He is always there when I call and lets me vent on him about anything. I know I do not tell him often enough how much I love and appreciate him and I need to do that more often..

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