Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Day 8 of 31 for 21 - You've been Boo'd

NOT Again!

Some days I hate the Army. Tom hit me with the news that the unit informed him he is on standby to deploy with the unit AGAIN! They are set to deploy in November. Another Year, well 14 months. I am not sure why all of this stuff is going on and I am trying to stay positive but we just settled all the crap from the last deployment. This means that The baby will be over a year old before she meets her daddy. It also means I have to do this alone, Again. I mean I know what to expect from a deployment this time so I am not going in blind though I am not sure if knowing makes it any easier. I Have my Aunt and Uncle, My mom plans on moving across the country and I do not deal well with Tom's mom. So it will be me my kids and the few friends I have which is more than I had last deployment. I think the worst part is the uncertainty, the not being able to prepare.

ON top of that he is gone till Monday at a class and then he comes back and has to be at SRP on the 17th for at least a week.

On a happier note we started something this evening that the kids and I had a blast doing.. Yes I taught my kids how to ding-dong ditch tonight and I must say my kids are GOOD! Well we did this thing my friend suggested and "boo'd" the neighbors. So while we DID ring the doorbell and run, when they opened their door they found a gift basket and a poem. So it was a good kind of ditch. I hope the people follow the direction on the poem. It would really be fun to see all the boos on everyone front door..

Well I am off to bed. Goodnight everyone. Thank you for taking time from your days to read about mine!

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