Saturday, October 4, 2008

Day 3 of 31 for 21 - The Dentist

Ok guys I had problems signing on yesterday so here is yesterday's post:

Today was Dentist day. Boy they had NO IDEA what was coming their way! Luckly they are a children's dentist. It was the coolest office they had play room , outside play area, video games and movies. They even had tvs in the celing for the kids to watch with headphones while they got their teeth cleaned and examined! Wow 7 kids at once. It actually went quite well despite the fact that it too us 3.5 hours! They were so kind there! Most of the kids are good but we do have some work that needs to be done. All in all it was good though at the end mommy was beat. One in x-ray, one getting cleaned, one in the exam room, one outside, a few playing video games. Let's just say i had my exercize for the week!

Benjamin is out of surgery and resting in PICU.. Yea Ben! Keep up the prayers everyone!

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