Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Day 21 of 31 for 21 - A Beautiful Tribute and Uproar!

There is the amazing woman on a website I frequent, who lost her daughter at 18 months to SIDS She has an amazingly peaceful photo of her angel in her siggy. Apparently some people who really have no reason to "Lurk" are causing an uproar. what right do they have to say she cannot have any picture she wants up? It is their choice to look at it or skip over it. If you do not like it then skip her posts or better yet do not lurk where you do not belong! I feel very strongly because these ladies have been there for me when noone else has and I know I can go to them for support ANYTIME.

Well I am posting her Siggy on my blog in protest and support of Amber. Please if you support Amber's right to honor her angel in her Siggy leave a comment....


Kate said...

Okay, I know I'm a "lurker" on the March DDC since I'm in the April 08 BDC and June DDC, but I wanted to say that I'm glad you gave those girls a piece of your mind, Dani, and are supporting Amber! It's absolutely ridiculous that this was even brought to the June DDC, and I'm shocked and angry that someone would say that to deliberately hurt another woman who has lost her child when the other woman has not and does not know what Amber is going through!

SmartassedPeach said...

I've never felt so much respect
for women I've never met before.
Our board is AWESOME! And it stinks
that there are some bad apples out
there that make the whole orchard
look bad.
What people SHOULD be concerned with is the mourning this woman goes through each day. Don't they
realize she FEELS the pain of
LOSING A CHILD? They should get over their own selfish "Omg, how sad! I don't want to look at that!"
issues and send their condolences.

If they're that sheltered to not
be able to look at a passed child, I hope for their sake they don't
watch the news.



Kristen said...

Tons of support for Amber! I cannot believe that there are people out there that are that insensitive and cruel! Why do they feel the need to hurt a woman who has lost one of the most precious things in her life when they have no idea what she is going through? Tons of hugs to Amber and support that she should be able to keep her siggy up!

gr8fulmom22 said...

I agree! It is absolutely her right to post photos as she pleases. They are touching and sweet and not the least bit offensive! Let the woman mourn for the loss of her precious child, for God's sake people!

ChristinaDianne said...

Tons of support for Amber! I can only imagine what she must endure on a daily basis, and it is her right to post photos of her little angel! I support her 100%! I cannot believe that people from another DDC are causing this much grief!

Amber said...

Wow.. I can't believe I have so much support and frienship here.. Thank Ladies!!

TiffanyPBZHOST said...

I SUPPORT AMBER 100 % I think it was very wrong for anyone to say something about it,if they had an issue they could have scrolled down so they didnt HAVE to see it

sheree said...

omg that's terrible. Some people are just IDIOTS. I'll never understand why people feel the need to randomly hurt people for no apparent reason. :(