Sunday, October 12, 2008

Day 12 of 31 for 21 - Home.. for now.

Tom got home early this morning like 12:02 AM
The kids discovered he was home at like 7 am.

Yes he is in there and so is Ry, Sy, Caden and Corbin
When you want something done...
I guess you need to do it yourself. Today Tom and I got the side gate done. It has only needed to be done for the past 8 months or more. Well actually I went to Lowes and bought everything then I came home and tore down the entire old gate leaving the back open. Then he had no choice but to come and help me put the new gate up! I am so proud of our gate we even redid the neighbors gate. It looks sooooo good! Tom is off tomorrow and I have him for one more day so I plan on having him move the motorcycles so we can put up the new garage door opener.

Oh and just because He is too damn cute not to here is my baby boy:

OH and here is our new baby girl (baking)16 weeks along

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